Sunday, January 3, 2010

Eat Run Eat

Today was my 2nd long run of my training for the half marathon! Since I am starting out nice and slow, this Sunday I ran 4.5 miles along the Town Lake trail in Austin, TX with a friend who shops at lululemon and it was so much better running with a partner! I love to talk when I meet new people, I want to know everything about them, and I learned a lot from my running partner today about how often to eat when running several miles 4 to 5 times a week!

She advised me about eating frequently throughout the day, remembering to eat protein as well as carbs. I think my favorite pre-run snack is a big spoonful of Almond Butter by itself, or with an apple or whole wheat toast! After I run, I drink lots of water and then enjoy an egg or oatmeal or both! It is crazy how much nutrition can affect how you perform athletically. I loved getting to hear my running partner's perspective on what she likes to eat or not eat with her running schedule.

It is important to listen to other people and apply what you hear to your own life. I love learning new things about new hobbies, and I have a feeling that running is going to be a hobby of mine for a very long time. Running and Yoga. They are both so great for your body and health. I believe in them and I think that is how I stay motivated everyday to continue living a healthy lifestyle which includes exercisie as much as possible!

Tomorrow= Strength and Stretching. Which means I will be hitting up some hot yoga classes to relax my muscles and release some toxins! :)

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